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Yoga Grooves - Fremantle Yoga

Yoga Grooves - Fremantle Yoga

Yoga Grooves - Fremantle YogaYoga Grooves - Fremantle YogaYoga Grooves - Fremantle Yoga

Welcome to Yoga Grooves

Dear Yogis, 

As you know a lot has changed throughout this global crisis and unfortunately, the little pocket that is Perth is being carried along. 

Therefore, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to cease our in studio classes until further notice. 

It has been very difficult to adjust but we have been able to set up online classes via Zoom. Of course, it will not have the same feel you are used to as coming to studio classes, but it is the best we can do in these times. We only ask for you to be patient with us while we get familiar with the set up and energy of online classes. We do not own high tech gear or high tech digital skills but did not hesitate for a second when teaching online became an option for us. 

If you have any suggestions for a class you would like please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are teaching whenever we can and not limited to our usual timetable. Last minute classes can also work too as we are not so concerned about numbers and just so grateful for this opportunity to connect and share some goodness with you.

We understand the severity of this time and only wish to help you as much as your presence has helped us.

Oceans of energy,

Namaste, Yoga Grooves Family

Jo, Pepi, Felix & Riley

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We offer various styles of Yoga and AcroYoga classes in Perth, Fremantle and Scarborough. Other styles include:  power/vinyasa, core yoga, therapeutic restorative yoga, hand balancing, flexibility training, family acroyoga, Kids yoga. 

Classes designed to suit the individual. Yoga and meditation through movement. Renew, refresh, restore...feel ALIVE!!!  Come and join Jo, Pepi and the Yoga Grooves team as they guide, nurtures, and share with you, together the pure joy of yoga

Yoga Grooves yoga classes encompass many aspects of yoga such as pranayama (breathing), traditional postures, creative expressive postures, attention to detail and alignment, a strong focus on the core, partner work and yoga nidra (relaxation). In class, students work at their own level as variations for postures are offered. Classes are personal and individual attention is a definite. Join our mailing list to receive updates for future classes.   We enjoy teaching small groups and working closely with individual's needs and goals.   Join us for some fun yoga and acroyoga classes in Fremantle and also offering yoga and acroyoga classes in Scarborough.

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