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Jo & Pepi at Yoga Grooves. Yoga and Acroyoga in Fremantle and Perth

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Jo Camponovo - Yoga Teacher at Yoga Grooves in Fremantle and Perth.

Yoga Fremantle and Yoga & Acroyoga classes

 Founder of Yoga Grooves, Mother of 2, born in Perth Western Australia, Jo Camponovo became a fitness instructor at age 15 and was introduced to yoga 4 years later. She has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching yoga and kids yoga for 16. Jo has also been teaching partner yoga, which later transitioned to acroyoga for over 10 years. She became more immersed into the world of yoga during her two pregnancies and births where she found Yoga helped her through these magical journeys. Yoga helped create positive journeys for these special experiences.  She is ever grateful to her main wonderful teachers Sam Weinstein and Simon Borg Olivier and acroyoga: Eugene Poko and Jessica Goldberg who continue to keep inspiring  Jo.  Other teachers such as Chris Mayhew and Paddy McGrath have also been highly influential to both Jo's teaching and her own practice. As she forever learns, she gathers from her own creative style combining the knowledge of her training with an experiential spirit in the love of creating new things in her exploration of yoga and acroyoga. Jo was first introduced to partner yoga in 1999. After  exploring the world of yoga, yoga for beginners and intermediate students and becoming a yoga teacher, Jo began to delve deeper into  learning the art of partner balancing, practicing acro yoga/partner yoga and acro balance. Jo introduced acroyoga to Perth and became the first fully certified acroyoga teacher in Perth Western Australia completing her 200 hour AcroYoga teacher training in Montreal with Eugene Poko and Jessica Goldberg. Jo continues to teach and learn more as she enjoys her journey. She is grateful to have the opportunity to train closely with talented circus performers, trainers, dancers and acrobats such as Chris Mayhew and Jeff Von Schmauder (Union Yoga). She is also grateful to be able to practice and teach with her husband Pepi. Jo has taught partner yoga/AcroYoga locally in Perth, Fremantle, Scarborough and other areas of  Western Australia, interstate and internationally in Indonesia, Malaysia and Switzerland.  Let your spirit fly!     

Pepi Camponovo from Yoga Grooves in Fremantle and Perth.

Pepi Camponovo

 Born in  Mendrisio Switzerland, Pepi grew up with a background in Gymnastics and ice hockey so was quick to pick up the art of AcroYoga and yoga.  Although married to Jo and been together for over 20 years, it wasn’t until 2010 when Jo took their kids to Bali for a 4 month trip that he really solidly began his yoga for beginners journey. During this trip, Pepi came to visit his family and began practicing yoga and flying yoga/acroyoga with Jo and some kids yoga together overlooking the rice paddies for one month. On his return back to Perth, Fremantle (family still in Bali) he felt a massive shift and has not looked back since. During his family's absence, he felt cleansed from yoga and somehow wanted to clean more and be free of ‘stuff’ and so cleared out all the furniture in the lounge room/living room to feel ‘space’. When Jo and the kids returned, the first thing Jo said when she saw this space was ‘awesome! You made me a yoga studio!’ and she has been teaching in that space just about everyday since then with Pepi participating in almost every class and assisting in the  AcroYoga  and other yoga classes in Fremantle and now also Scarborough.  Pepi is consistently immersing himself deeper into yoga. He practices Ashtanga Mysore daily and has studied an Ashtanga based teacher training mentorship with renowned yoga teacher Dana Longton from Sage Yoga. Pepi and Jo bathe in bliss as they create acroyoga flows for their own play and to share with others.