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Acroyoga - Fremantle and Scarborough

 AcroYoga combines acrobatic concepts with a yogic consciousness. Acro Yoga Perth in Fremantle and Scarborough brings people together, feeling the connection of energies. Develop the physical body and at the same time strengthen the emotional and spiritual bodies. Stretch, balance, trust, laugh, love. Awaken and balance your energies and share together. Feel your heart open and fill with goodness as you laugh, stretch, twist, balance, fly, nurture, embrace. We will warm up with some vinyasa yoga and also combine some wonderful Thai Yoga massage techniques in the class to stretch, nourish and nurture.   

Flying Therapeutics

AcroYoga - Flying Therapeutics - Fremantle and Scarborough


Flying Therapeutic yoga is a combination of therapeutic acrobatic flying and thai massage whereby the flyer is relaxed and can enjoy the weightless, restorative, nurturing experience as well as the benefits of being inverted. It helps to create a deep sense of comfort, stretches the spine and hips, encourages free flow of energy to remove blockages.

 Build strength, trust and feel the dynamic flow of energy that is created between people.

Therapeutic acrobatic flying, combined with partner yoga and thai massage relaxes and calms the body and mind. 


Family Acroyoga

Family Acroyoga - Fremantle

 Family AcroYoga. Come and share some fun acroyoga with your kids at our Fremantle yoga studio. Enjoy some fun vinyasa yoga moves and partner core stability postures. Classes for parents and kids with different age groups such as: 5-8yrs and 9-14yrs. Family acroyoga is offered to different areas of Perth for various workshops throughout the year. Please enquire. 

Core Stability - Hand balancing

Core stability hand balancing in Fremantle

  join us for a journey of core integration, energy, strength and hand balancing explorations. Work your core, set your foundations for correct alignment and technique for inversions and hand balancing. Suitable for all levels. You don't need to be able to do a handstand to enjoy the classes. Progress at your own pace to your level over the weeks or come casually (if space allows).
This class is about intensity, technique, form and having a go!
Combining precise core work and foundations to execute hand balancing and inversions. Some people will work on progressions moving in and out of hand balances to create a dynamic vinyasa flow through these movements but first it’s important to understand the foundations and so preparations towards these balances are essential. By exploring these foundations with dedication, moving with strength, stability and fluidity, we reach an empowered quality of movement that is also fun!

Flexi Legs / Happy Hips


 Learn to access your optimal flexibility of the lower body which can have a profound effect on your balance, core stability, posture and on your sense of well-being. Prevent injury by working with a blend of active and passive stretching, suitable yoga for beginners.
We will move through vinyasa yoga sequences and focus on learning how to relax in a posture and safely improve flexibility in the legs as well as gain stability and strength in the joints and muscles.
We will work with static holds to deepen into a pose as well as dynamic movements to create freedom in the body. These yoga classes can help to lengthen your hamstrings, open your hips, balance hormones, improve flexibility, balance & posture and can also help to increase joint mobility. By releasing the lower spine and working with the legs and hips, you can enjoy the restorative effects on muscles, joints, internal organs, mind…complete health. Join us in Fremantle 

Spinal Bliss / Back bending



Unleash your Spine!!
Healthy spine, healthy body!! Come and join Jo as we ease our spines into fluid bendy motions of bliss with core stability yoga incorporating back bends and postures to help move energy through the spine. Backbending yoga for beginners and experienced levels. Feel alive and invigorated. Open and cleanse your heart. Develop strength, balance, flexibility and more.
Learn how to safely and consciously deepen your backbends. Connect with your core and open your heart. Release your energy in a vinyasa yoga journey with your spine towards back bends or explore deeper backbending variations if backbends are already a part of your practice. Suitable for all levels. Join our yoga studio in Fremantle, Perth for these classes. 

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Therapeutic / Restorative Yoga

Supta virasana - restorative yoga


Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga:  Suitable class of yoga for beginners. Therapeutic yoga combines restorative poses that are soothing and supporting, offering the chance to be still and quiet, leaving us rested, nourished and nurtured. Softer than our vinyasa yoga and core stability classes. When we relax, we have the opportunity to go deeper without tension or strain , the  immune and digestive systems improve, nervous system is calmed, the body and energy channels can open up so that the whole body can receive more goodness and full energy. It is also a wonderful time for emotional healing. Busy lives can become hectic and we can find ourselves spending most of our time rushing and doing, rather than stilling and resting.  Movements and postures will be soft but challenging. Also, challenging to have a quiet mind with a still body. Once the mind can mirror the pose, inner peace can be take place. Join us in Fremantle.


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga - Fremantle


Kids Yoga in our Fremantle Yoga studio for different age groups such as: 5-8yrs, 9-12 and 12-15yrs. Vinyasa yoga styles and acroyoga for kids. Available in some schools throughout Perth. 

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Private Lessons

Back bending - private yoga lessons Fremantle

 We also offer private yoga classes in our Fremantle yoga studio and acroyoga classes in Fremantle for individuals or small groups. Group acroyoga classes in Scarborough and Perth. Cost is $90 per session